About Us

What we Are:

To carve means "To cut with care or precision". Therefore when one is carving they are using their edges to cut into the surface to travel a straight line as opposed to sliding sideways. At Carvit that is exactly what we are all about. How do you carve? Is it a line down a snow covered slope or could it be that same slope covered in dirt and grass? Could it be carving a line down the face of a wave or cutting across a boats wake? What about a concrete parking lot or an asphalt road. It does not matter how you carve, where you carve or when you carve as long as your giving it your all and sharing your stoke. Carvit is a company that distributes exceptional clothing and accessories to those that want to share your passion with the world. We are a lifestyle brand and we are passionate about the way we carve our lines and we want to share that with you.


Who we Are:

Carvit was formed in Salt Lake City in the shadow of the mighty Wasatch mountains by a couple of mountain carvers. Skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Mt. biking, long boarding, paddle boarding, wake boarding and the occasional surf trips in the summer. We wanted a brand that captures the things we are passionate about and we want to share that with you.